Dr. Jason Greenberg

One of the most experienced LASIK surgeons in the area

Dr. Jason Greenberg is a board‑certified and fellowship‑trained refractive surgeon who has had the distinct pleasure of transforming thousands of lives through laser eye surgery in both Kentucky and Indiana.

He has performed over 90,000 laser vision correction procedures over his 22‑year career in ophthalmology.

Watch Dr. Jason Greenberg explain what to expect during your appointment at his practices in Louisville, KY and Indianapolis, IN.

Dr. Greenberg believes in using the most advanced laser technology to provide his patients with the best visual outcomes. He uses bladeless technology and the highly-specialized Contoura technology platform to treat complex prescriptions and optimize results.

Previously, Dr. Greenberg served on the medical advisory board for LasikPlus and as the medical director for the Lasik Vision institute.

When Dr. Greenberg is not changing lives, he spends time with his family on trips where they explore the great outdoors.

Photography is a favorite hobby of his and several of his beautiful scenic portraits can be found at his website or in his vision centers.

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